> The Piacenza Honey

In a jar of our honey, strictly in glass, all the taste of the Piacenza area is really present. In fact, this Honey was born only here and comes exclusively from bees raised on the territory according to the best beekeeping practices and from local flora, which make it truly unique, nowhere to be found anywhere else and one of the best in the world.

We produce Honey of all tastes: from millefiori, unique because it has the colors and flavors of the local flowers, to that of acacia, sweet and genuine nectar, from amber chestnut honey and an intense, woody aroma with a strong aroma, to that of linden, with an aromatic scent that recalls mountain herbs. And again, the dandelion and alfalfa honeys and the tasty and nutritious honeydew.

Taste our best honey and truly immerse yourself in the taste of Piacenza, for a sweet, authentic and timeless experience. Passionate beekeepers from Piacenza will show you how this tasty nectar is made, from bees to jars.